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Endurance Sports Recovery, Repair & Revitalization


The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole.   ~Plato

Sports Massage Therapy for Fresno's Active Community. Snowboarding, skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowsports, Snow Shoe, Sledding, Ice skating, Winter Sports Sports Massage Therapy for Fresno's Active Community. Running, Races, Events and Clubs.

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Sports Massage Therapy for Fresno's Active Community. Cycling, MTB, Cyclocross

Kinetic Body Works certified massage therapists are dedicated to assisting Fresno's athletes and active people of all ages. Advanced Sports Massage Therapy can enhance your training, improve your mobility and improve your overall well being.  While we love our athletes, we really like it when our clients come to us for:  Swedish Massage, Russian Medical Massage, Pre- Natal Massage, Shiatsu and Acupressure. No matter your current fitness level, if you're just preparing to start a new training program or just need to relax, contact: Kinetic Body Works in Fresno for a massage appointment today. 

Sports Massage therapy for Fresno's Active Community. Golf, Driving, Putting, Chipping, Golf Tournaments, Golf Centers, Clubs and Resorts

Swedish Massage


Promoting relaxation, a Swedish Massage warms up the muscle tissues, releases tension and breaks down knots made of metabolic waste, called adhesions. You'll catch yourself drifting with this one!



Russian Sports Medical Massage


Based on the physiology of a disfunction, rather than the anatomy as the main focus for treatment. Russian Sports Massage can both stimulate and relax your muscles depending on the speed and depth of the therapists strokes. If you're an athlete, this massage is for you.



Cryo-Therapy Wrap and Revitalizing Massage


Elite runners and cyclists know about the post race "ice bath". While, it IS beneficial to the soft tissues of the body, who wants to sit in a freezing cold tub if ice? Our cryo-therapy wrap offers the same cooling benefits just with out the shock to your system. In addition, you'll receive a revitalizing, Recovery Massage. 60 minutes that will get you back on your feet, lickety split!





Take advantage of a package that improves your race performance and recovery by including a 60 minute massage the week BEFORE your race. AND a 30 minute lower body cryotherapy wrap + a 20 minute recovery massage within the week following your massage. Book your pre race massage now. We'll schedule your post race treatment at your appointment.



Run and Ride Hip, Leg and Foot


Sometimes, the whole body isn't what needs the work. Why waste time on areas that don't need treatment? The Run and Ride Hip, Leg and Foot Treatment offers 60 minutes of PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) stretching, Russian Sports and Deep Tissue Massage to relax and revitalize the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your hips, legs and feet.



Golf Swing Improver


Most golfers know that the back plays a big roll in the quality of their swing. However, golfers engage almost ALL muscles in their body while hitting, driving, putting, chipping and walking. All it takes is one muscle, tendon, ligament or joint to tighten up and your swing mechanics disappear. Take advantage of our "swing improvement" massage and increase your mobility, power, and range of motion in just one hour!



Racquet Sports Power & Performance Booster



Racquet sports are some of the most difficult sports. Aside from the massive amounts of running, you are required to repeat the same movements, with force,  over and over again. Add power to your back hand. Improve the accuracy of your serve.  Massage Therapy has been proven to increase your range of motion, power and mobility in just one hour!



Snow Prep/Recovery


If you're ready to hit the slopes, make sure you prepare your body with a Snow Prep Massage. This massage focuses on back, legs and trunk. It includes, PNF stretching and soft tissue treatments to lower risk of injury, increase your flexibilty and improve your range of motion.



Freestyle Swim Massage Therapy Treatment


Swimmers use no less than 35 muscles (groups). The Freestyle Swim Massage Therapy treatment is detailed enough to get to all of them. Each 60 minute session is tailored to address all of your muscular issues, increase your range of motion, improve your power and benefit your overall performance in just one hour.